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Rodler A.S., Viehmann S., Hohl S.V. 2022: Chemical sediments as deep time archives for the co-evolution of the atmosphere, continents, and oceans. Goldschmidt Conference 2022.

Vellekoop J., de Winter N., Rodler A.S., Viehmann S., 2022: (Paleo-)environmental reconstructions from biomineralized carbonates: From early Archaean to the present EGU Conference 2022.

Viehmann S., de Winter N., Rodler A.S., Vellekoop J., 2021: (Paleo-)environmental reconstructions from biomineralized carbonates: From the Precambrian to the present. EGU Conference 2021

de Winter N., Jurikova H., Meister P., Vellekoop J., Viehmann S., Rodler A.S., Frisia S., Hippler D., 2020: (Bio)mineral archives of past environmental conditions: from the Precambrian to the present. EGU Conference 2020.

Le Heron D., Bodin S., Busfield M., Collins A. , Cox G., Hohl S.V., Shields G. , Viehmann S., 2018: Palaeoenvironments of the Precambrian World: from the Archean via Snowball Earth and beyond. EGU Conference 2018.



Viehmann S., Kujawa R., Hohl S.V., Tepe N., Rodler A.S., Hofmann T., Draganits E., submitted: Stromatolites of the western Pannonian Basin reflect trace metal availability during the Middle Miocene salinity crisis. Goldschmidt Conference 2022.

Viehmann S., Kujawa R., Hohl S.V., Tepe N., Rodler A.S., Hofmann T., Draganits E., accepted: Trace metal availability in extreme microbial habitats of the Miocene Oberpullendorf Basin, Austria. EGU Conference 2022.

Hohl S.V., Viehmann, S.accepted: Using Cd, Ba, and Ni isotope systematics as novel biomarkers to decipher Archean microbial metal cycling in the ~3.0 Ga Pongola Supergroup stromatolites. EGU Conference 2022.

Hu Z., Hohl S.V., Viehmann S., Meister P., Tepe N. accepted: Magnesium isotopes as a proxy to decode the effects of microbial metabolisms on the formation of stromatolitic carbonate. EGU Conference 2022.


Viehmann S. (invited keynote, 2021): Stromatolites as unique archives to reconstruct ancient microbial habitats: insights from stable and radiogenic isotope systems. GeoKarlsruhe 2021.

Viehmann S. 2021: Neodymium isotopes in stromatolites: new perspectives on direct dating and reconstructing the source of elements in microbial habitats through deep time. M-fed Conference Paris 2021.

Mundl-Petermeier A., Viehmann S., Tusch J., Bau M., Münker C., 2021: Banded Iron Formations - ancient proxies for the 182W composition of the upper mantle and crust. Goldschmidt Conference 2021.

Hohl S.V., Viehmann S., 2021: Stromatolites as archives for novel isotope proxies to reconstruct microbial habitats through deep time. Goldschmidt Conference 2021.

Debaille V., Wainwright A., Hoffmann J.E., Viehmann S., Bau M., 2021: Ancient mantle heterogeneities recorded in igneous and sedimentary rocks. Goldschmidt Conference 2021.

Viehmann S., Reitner J., Tepe N., Hohl S.V., van Kranendonk M., Hofmann T., Koeberl C., Meister P., 2021: Trace metals and Nd isotopes in 3.35 Ga old stromatolites of the Strelley Pool Formation (Australia) unravel the genesis of carbonates and cherts. EGU Conference 2021.


Viehmann S., Reitner J., Tepe N., Hohl S.V., van Kranendonk M., Hofmann T., Koeberl C., Meister P., 2020: Carbonate and chert genesis in the 3.35 Ga old Strelley Pool Formation (Australia): Insights from trace metals and Sm/Nd dating. EGU Conference 2020


Sengupta S., Pack A., Viehmann S., 2019: Triple oxygen isotope study of manganese formations for the triple oxygen isotope composition of Precambrian air. Geo Münster 2019.

Schulz T., Viehmann S., Hezel, D.C., Koeberl, C., 2019: Coupled Fe-Os isotope signatures in banded iron formations - decoding oxygenation history and the chemical evolution of Precambrian seawater. The first billion years: Habitability conference Montana 2019.

Hohl S.V., Viehmann S., Lin Y., Wie H-Z., Steiner M., Galer S.J., 2019: Use of Ba and Cd isotope systematics to reconstruct microbialite paleo-habitats and bio-productivity. Goldschmidt Conference 2019.

Schuth S., Brüske A., Hohl S., Jiang S-Y., Gregory D., Viehmann S., Weyer S., 2019: Vanadium isotopes of the Yangtze river system, China. Goldschmidt Conference 2019.

Bau M., Frei R., Garbe-Schönberg D., Viehmann S., 2019: The origin of banding in BIFs: II. Cr isotopes and Th/U in the Neoarchean Temagami BIF, Canada. Goldschmidt Conference 2019.

Viehmann S., Hohl S.V., Kraemer D. Bau M., Walde, D.H.G., Galer S.J., Jiang S-Y. & Meister, P., 2019: The reconstruction of Precambrian microbial habitats. Marie Curie Alumni Association Conference 2019.

Viehmann S., 2019: The potential of coupled Hf-Nd isotopes in Archean marine chemical sediments. DFG SPP 1833 "Building a habitable Earth" workshop 2019.

Prost T., Viehmann S., Hohl S.V., Tepe N., Jiang S-Y. & Meister P., 2019: The depositional environment of the Sturtian Fulu Iron Formation (China). EGU Conference 2019.


Viehmann S., Hohl S.V., Krämer D. Bau M., Walde, D.H.G., Galer S.J., Jiang S-Y. & Meister, P., 2018: The reconstruction of Mesoproterozoic microbial habitats during stromatolite formation. EGU Conference 2018, GeoBonn 2018 & PanGeo 2018.

Marien C.S., Viehmann S., Gerdes, A., Tusch J., van Kranendonk M. J., Münker C., 2018: Pristine 87Sr/86Sr isotope compositions of Paleo- and Mesoarchean seawater inferred from carbonate interstitials in pillow lavas from the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia. GeoBonn 2018

Hohl S.V., Viehmann S., Krämer D. Bau M., Walde, D.H.G., Galer S.J., Jiang S-Y. & Meister, P., 2018: Cd isotopes in Mesoproterozoic stromatolites record changes in biologic productivity. EGU Conference 2018.


Viehmann S., Bau M., Bühn B., Dantas E.L., Andrade F.R.D. & Walde D.H.G., 2017: Reconstruction of the Neoprotoerzoic Urucum habitat in the fate of severe glaciogenic epochs. GeoBremen 2017.

Schier K., Bau M., Münker C., Beukes N. & Viehmann S., 2017: Declining importance of high-temperature hydrothermal input into shallow Transvaal seawater prior to the GOE. GeoBremen 2017.

Viehmann S., Bau M., Bühn B., Dantas E.L., Andrade F.R.D. & Walde D.H.G., 2017: Geochemical reconstruction of the Neoproterozoic Urucum habitat. Goldschmidt Conference 2017.


Schier K., Viehmann S., Bau M., Eroglu S. & Beukes N, 2016. Anoxic conditions in ~2.48 Ga old Transvaal shallow marine habitats. Goldschmidt Conference 2016.

Krämer D., Viehmann S., Frei R., Bau M., 2016. The impact of the biogenic siderophore desferrioxamine B on Cr oxidation and fractionation of Cr isotopes. Goldschmidt Conference 2016.

< 2015:

Viehmann S., Bau M., Hoffmann J.E. & Münker C., 2015. Tracing the thermal state of the Archean mantle: Insights from coupled Eu-εNd(t) patterns of BIFs. Goldschmidt Conference 2015.

Viehmann S., Bau M., Münker C., Hoffmann J.E. & Marquez J.E., 2014. The Hf-Nd isotope record of Archean seawater: potential and pitfalls. EGU Conference 2014.

Viehmann S., Bau M., Smith A.J.B., Beukes N.J., Dantas E.L. & Bühn B., 2013. Spatial heterogeneity of the neodymium isotopic composition of Mesoarchean seawater: Evidence from the Witwatersrand, Pongola and Pietersburg BIFs, South Africa. DMG Jahrestagung 2013.

Viehmann S., Hoffmann J.E., Münker C. & Bau M., 2013. Hf-Nd isotope decoupling in Early Precambrian seawater. Goldschmidt Conference 2013.

Viehmann S., Bau M., Hoffmann J.E. & Münker C., 2012. A mixed hydrothermal and riverine origin of REY in Late Archean Krivoy Rog BIFs, Ukraine. Geologische Vereinigung Jahrestagung 2012.

Viehmann S., Hoffmann J.E., Münker C., Alexander B. & Bau M., 2011. Seawater-derived REY and HFSE systematics in Archean BIFs. Goldschmidt Conference 2011.

Viehmann S., Hoffmann J.E., Münker C., Alexander B. & Bau M., 2010. Seawater derived REE+Y and HFSE systematics of Archean Banded Iron Formations (BIFs). DMG Jahrestagung 2010.

Invited talks


Keynote: Stromatolites as unique archives to reconstruct ancient microbial habitats: insights from stable and radiogenic isotope systems. GeoKarlsruhe conference 2021, Germany.


The evolution of marine habitats through Earth's history: Geochemical insights from BIFs and stromatolites, Geosciences colloquium, Westfälische Wilhelms University of Münster, Germany.


An innovative geochemical toolbox applied to stromatolites and BIFs: Potential and pitfalls to exploit the evolution of microbial habitats. China University of Geosciences Beijing, China.

An innovative geochemical toolbox applied to stromatolites and BIFs: Potential and pitfalls to exploit the evolution of microbial habitats. Academy of Geological Sciences Beijing, China.

The evolution of microbial habitats through Earth's history: Geochemical insights from stromatolites and BIFs. Ocean Fest colloquium, Tongji University Shanghai, China.

Public: Reconstruction of earliest microbial habitats on Earth. Science Talk, University of Vienna, Austria.


Reconstruction of Neoproterozoic habitats: Geochemical insights from the Urucum IF/ MnF. Geosciences colloquium, University of Göttingen, Germany.

Keynote: Reconstruction of the earliest marine habitats on Earth: Insights from BIFs and stromatolites. SPP 1833 "Building a habitable Earth" conference, Göttingen, Germany.

The evolution of Precambrian environments: from the earliest life to Snowball Earth. Geosciences colloquium, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany.


Evaluating physico-chemical conditions during Neoproterozoic MnF-IF deposition: Geochemical insights from REE and Nd isotopes. Geosciences Colloquium, Nanjing University, China.

Reconstruction of the earliest habitats on Earth: Insights from trace elements and radiogenic isotopes. Geosciences colloquium, Free University Berlin, Germany.

The potential of geochemistry to reconstruct the habitats of the origin of life. KLI Colloquium, Konrad-Lorenz Institute Klosterneuburg, Austria. 

Reconstructing Early Earth´s habitats: The potential of Rare Earths and Hf-Nd isotopes. Austrian Geol. Society colloquium, University of Vienna, Austria.


Neodymium isotopes - a tracer for Precambrian water masses? Geosciences colloquium, University of Bonn, Germany.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Mundl-Petermeier A.*, Viehmann S.*, Tusch J., Bau M., Kurzweil F., Münker C., 2022: Earth's geodynamic evolution constrained by 182W in Archean seawater. Nature Communications 13:2701.

DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-30423-3

Hohl. S.V., Jiang S-Y., Becker H., Hai H-Z., Guang-Yi W., Xu J., Guo Q., Viehmann S., van Acken D., 2022: Spatiotemporal evolution of late Neoproterozoic marine environments on the Yangtze Platform (South China): Linking continental weathering and marine C-P cycles. Global and Planetary Change 216, 103927.


Bau M., Frei R., Garbe-Schönberg D., Viehmann S., 2022: High-resolution Ge-Si-Fe, Cr isotopes and Th/U data for the Neoarchean Temagami BIF, Canada, suggest primary origin of BIF bands and oxidative terrestrial weathering 2.7 Ga ago. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 589, 117579.

DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2022.117579

Hohl S.V., Rodler A.S., Viehmann S., Huang X., Xu J., Gaucher C., Germs G.J.B., Hegenberger W., Goderis S., Wei H., Frei R., 2022: C, Sr, Nd isotope chemostratigraphy and zircon provenance of the Witvlei Group (Namibia): Neoproterozoic glaciations and seawater evolution. Precambrian Research 372, 106600.



Stüeken E. E., Viehmann S., Hohl S.V., 2021: Contrasting nutrient availability between marine and brackish waters in the late Mesoproterozoic: Evidence from the Paranoá Group, Brazil. Geobiology, 00:1-16.

DOI: 10.1111/gbi.12478

Hofbauer B., Viehmann S., Gier S., Bernasconi S., Meister P., 2021: Microfacies and C/O isotopes in lacustrine dolomites reflect variable environmental conditions in the Germanic Basin (Anstadt Formation, Upper Triassic). Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, 114:1, 66-87.


Schulz T., Viehmann S., Hezel D.C., Koeberl C., Bau M., 2021: Highly siderophile elements and coupled Fe-Os isotope signatures in the Temagami Iron Formation, Canada: Possible signatures of Neoarchean seawater chemistry and Earth's oxygenation history. Astrobiology 21 (8), 924-939.

DOI: 10.1089/ast.2020.2311

Hohl S.V. & Viehmann S.*, 2021: Stromatolites as geochemical archives to reconstruct microbial habitats through deep time: Potential and pitfalls of novel radiogenic and stable isotope systems. Earth-Science Reviews 218, 103683.


Huang Q., Viehmann S., Walde D.H.G., Li W. 2021: Iron isotope constraints on the metal source and depositional environment of the Neoproterozoic banded iron- and manganese deposits in Urucum, Brazil. Geochemistry [125771].



Viehmann S., Reitner J., Tepe N., Hohl, S.V., Van Kranendonk, M., Hofmann, T., Koeberl, C., Meister, P., 2020: Carbonates and cherts as archives of seawater chemistry and habitability on a carbonate platform 3.35 Ga ago: Insights from Sm/Nd dating and trace element analysis from the Strelley Pool Formation, Western Australia. Precambrian Research 344, 105742.


Schier K., Bau M., Smith A.J.B., Beukes, N.J., Coetzee L.L., Viehmann S., 2020: Chemical evolution of seawater in the Transvaal Ocean between 2426 Ma (Ongeluk Large Igneous Province) and 2413 Ma (Kalahari Manganese Field). Gondwana Research 88, 373-388.


Hohl, S.V., Jiang, S-Y., Viehmann, S., Wei, W., Liu, Q., Wei, H-Z., Galer, S.J.G., 2020: Trace Metal and Cd Isotope Systematics of the Basal Datangpo Formation, Yangtze Platform (South China) Indicate Restrained (Bio)Geochemical Metal Cycling in Cryogenian Seawater. Geosciences 2020 (10), 36.



Schuth S., Brüske A. Hohl S.V. Jiang S-Y., Meinhardt A-K., Gregory D.D., Viehmann S., Weyer S., 2019: Vanadium and its isotope composition of river water and seawater: Analytical improvement and implications for vanadium isotope fractionation. Chemical Geology 528, 5 December 2019, 119261. 

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2019.07.036

Hohl, S.V., Jiang, S.-Y., Wei, H.-Z., Pi, D.-H., Liu, Q., Viehmann, S., Galer, S.J., 2019. Cd Isotopes trace periodic (bio)geochemical metal cycling at the verge of the Cambrian animal evolution. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 263, 195-214. 

DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2019.07.036

Kraemer D., Viehmann S., Banks D., Sumonduur A., Koeberl C., Bau M. 2019: Regional variations in fluid formation and metal sources in MVT mineralization in the Pennine Orefield, UK: Implications from rare earth element and yttrium
distribution, Sr-Nd isotopes and fluid inclusion compositions of hydrothermal vein fluorites. Ore Geology Reviews 107, 960-972. DOI:10.1016/j.oregeorev.2019.03.014

Viehmann S., Hohl S.V., Kraemer D. Bau M., Walde, D.H.G., Galer S.J., Jiang S-Y. & Meister, P., 2019: Metal cycling in Mesoproterozoic microbial habitats: Insights from trace elements and stable Cd isotopes in stromatolites. Gondwana Research 67, 101-114.


Kraemer D., Frei R., Viehmann S. & Bau M., 2019: Mobilization and isotope fractionation of chromium during water-rock interaction in the presence of siderophores. Applied Geochemistry 102, 44-54. 



Viehmann S., 2018: Hf-Nd Isotopes in Archean Marine Chemical Sediments: Implications for the Geodynamical History of Early Earth and Its Impact on Earliest Marine Habitats. Geosciences 8 (7), 263, 1-15.


Schier K., Bau M., Münker C., Beukes N., Viehmann S., 2018: Trace element and Nd isotope composition of shallow seawater prior to the Great Oxidation Event: Evidence from stromatolitic bioherms in the Paleoproterozoic Rooinekke and Nelani Formations, South Africa. Precambrian Research 315, 92-102. DOI:10.1016/j.precamres.2018.07.014

Viehmann S., Bau M., Hoffmann J. E., Münker C., 2018: Decoupled Hf and Nd isotopes in suspended particles and in the dissolved load of Late Archean seawater. Chemical Geology 483, 111-118.

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2018.01.017


Szilas K., Hoffmann J.E., Schulz T., Hansmeier C., Polat A., Viehmann S., Kasper H.U., Münker C., 2016: Combined bulk-rock Hf- and Nd-isotope compositions of Mesoarchaean metavolcanic rocks from the Ivisaartoq Supracrustal Belt, SW Greenland: Deviations from the mantle array caused by crustal recycling. Chemie der Erde 76, 543-554.

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemer.2016.09.004

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